CNN’s King: Every Republican Should Go out and Vote to Oust Newsom

‘California is an overwhelmingly Democratic state’


KING: “This'll be a big test for Democrats. Kyung Lah says the Newsom campaign is confident they're turning out. Here's your big test. Are Democrats turning out? Are Latinos, a subset of Democrats turning out? We’ll leave that here. This is where you just talked to Stephanie. Yes, yes, this used to be the bedrock of the California Republican Party, Orange County, Ronald Reagan, the home of the party in those days. But look, it was 50/50. If you come back to the presidential race, it was even more so in Orange County. If there is to be a revolt against Gavin Newsom tonight, just about every Republican in California has to come out and vote 'No,' and then a whole lot of Democrats in a state — let's go back to the governor's race — in a state that is overwhelmingly Democratic, not only do all these Republicans have to vote, but a lot of Democrats in these blue areas, a combination of staying home or coming out to vote 'No.' There is no evidence of that, but we’re going to get to count votes pretty soon."

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