Vindman: Mark Milley Has a Lot of Baggage at the Moment; We Need Someone Less Polarizing to Run the Military

‘I don’t think we need one that has so much baggage at the moment’


VINDMAN: “The Chairman, if he felt strongly about these issues, he could have done this on January 8th. There's reporting that he spoke to and he attested to speaking to Nancy Pelosi when she expressed deep concerns about Donald Trump. He could have been a guardrail and made sure that at least for the remaining two weeks that Donald Trump wasn't able to steal an election and launch a — and double down on insurrection. We heard none of this, none of this until months, months down the road, now coming out that he was really behind the scenes serving as a guardrail. But, in my mind, the guardrail is not an individual. The guardrail is a system. It's an institution. It's multiple officers doing the right thing. In this case, what's clear to me is, frankly, Chairman Milley's tainted by all these things that I expressed that there are deep concerns about, and also by the fact that he's lost the trust of at least half the population on one side, and those people that believe that he exceeded his authorities and violated principles of civil-military relations. There are better candidates to run the military, folks that are less polarizing. I don't think we need one that has so much baggage at the moment, especially when we're trying to rebuild and harden institutions."

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