Tucker: Nicki Minaj Just Became a Massive Threat to the Industrial Lying Machine that Controls Our National Conversation

‘So our media and public health officials didn’t like this’


CARLSON: “Two things about that tweet, we put the graphic on the screen and suggested that Nicki Minaj’s cousin had swollen testicles. We corrected. Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s testicles are not swollen, it is Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friends testicles who are swollen. But it has nothing to do with the physical effects of the vaccine that makes our political class mad. It’s the next part of Nicki Minaj’s tweet that enrages them. The part where she says you should pray on it, make the decision yourself like a free human being, and “don’t be bullied.” So our media and public health officials didn’t like this because they make a living’s bullying people, so the greatest race lady at MSNBC told Nicki Minaj to shut up immediately.”

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