MSNBC: Voting Underway in CA Recall Election, Elder Calling ‘Fraud’ Before Vote Counted

‘This was clearly the plan all along’


SEITZ-WALD: "I think that’s exactly right. This has been the Republican message since 2020, Donald Trump leading the charge. There was a lot of fears that now that the Republican base has been primed to believe there is this vast conspiracy between Democrats and the media and election officials, that every candidate going forward who loses a race will say it was fraud, it was stolen, it wasn’t real. And here’s Larry Elder before the race has even happened exactly giving away the game, basically acknowledging, whether intentionally or not, that they were going to claim this is fraud. Unless they have a time machine and have data from the future that doesn't exist yet, they are saying they used statistical analysis on the results. There are no results. There’s been no reports of voter fraud. This was clearly the plan all along. And I think it’s especially notable for Larry Elder because he got in trouble when he first got into this race about a month ago for saying Joe Biden won the 2020 race fair and square. He got raked over the coals by Trump supporters and within hours he reversed course and said oh no, the 2020 election was rigged. So he knows better than this.”

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