Chuck Todd: GOP Creating ‘Mythology of Doubt’ in California Recall

‘There’s zero evidence of any election impropriety in this race’


TODD: “Governor Newsom is expected to survive this, perhaps by a wide margin. But it is not the results that are the biggest story in this race right now. It's the, sadly, predictable now Republican efforts, locally and nationally, in the final hours to create a mythology of doubt on the legitimacy of these results before a single vote has even been cast — counted, excuse me. They have been cast. There is zero evidence to suggest there's been any election impropriety in this race, and yet, Larry Elder, the leading Republican candidate if Newsom is recalled, told supporters at a rally last week the Democrats were going to cheat — he had no proof — and his campaign is now claiming they have proof that the race's results are fraudulent. It's impossible because there are no results yet. You see where we're going here.” 

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