MSNBC’s McCaffrey Defends Gen. Milley: ‘We Were at a Perilous Moment’

‘The worst thing that happened to General Miley’s life is to be the chairman of the JCS during this period of a lawless president’


MCCAFFREY: “Remember at that time Trump had fired all the top civilian officials in the Pentagon, and we had a minor functionary retired lieutenant colonel, sycophant of Trump, as the secretary of defense. We were at a perilous moment. I thought this was the opening moves to a coup. And I think the other thing to put in context the chairman of JCS, the -- who has a foreign service officer political adviser, routinely talks to all his counterparts globally, both friendly and adversarial. It’s part of the stability of deterrence. Now having said that, we were in trouble. There’s just no question that Trump was, in my view, acting mentally unstable, erratic, violating the law. He was about to fire the CIA director. So it was a pretty tricky moment and -- and I think this place in history is going to be a pretty fabled one.”

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