CNN’s Hertling Defends Gen. Milley Usurping Trump: ‘Took Some Very Prudent Measures’

‘The problem is that we are talking about a commander-in-chief that as the book describes was so far off the rails that General Milley felt concern about that’


HERTLING: "Well, I'm not sure I would call it an end run, Alisyn. I think General Milley took some very prudent measures. As a former member of the Joint Staff, of the J7, I remember when the chairman would pull all of his staff officers in, we would pull all the brigadier generals, the one-stars that were working the shift in the National Military Command Centers, as Jamie just said, and say, hey, we're in a tense situation. And this was during the start of the Afghan war. We're in a tense situation. Make sure your reporting is right, make sure the processes and procedures are run the right way. The problem is that we're talking about a commander-in-chief that, as the book describes, was so far off the rails, that General Milley felt concerned about that. And, as Jamie just said, he also called General Paul Nakasone, who is the NSA — the national security — the guy that runs the signals, and said, hey, keep your needles up.”

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