CNN Suggests Milley Was Just Taking ‘Necessary Precautions to Prevent [Trump] from Doing Something Dangerous’

‘Milley may be criticized for what some may think was overstepping his authority’


GANGEL: "So the meeting at the Pentagon, Milley — this is unprecedented. Remember, even though he's the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he is not officially in the chain of command. He calls in the generals and the officers who man the National Military Command Center, the Pentagon's war room. And he says to each of them, he's instructing each of them, no matter who calls, no matter what the orders are, he has to be involved. According to the book, Milley says: 'If you get calls, no matter who they're from, there's a process here. There's a procedure. No matter what you're told, you do the procedure, you do the process. And I'm a part of that procedure.' So that's the part that's different here, that Milley is really saying to these generals, you have got to make sure I'm in the loop on this. Now, Milley may be criticized for what some may think was overstepping his authority, but according to Woodward and Costa, he felt he couldn't trust Trump and that he needed to take any and all necessary precautions to prevent him from doing something dangerous."

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