Florida AG Moody: ‘Unconscionable’ Government Won’t Trust 1st Responders to Make Vaccine Decisions

‘This is not about whether or not someone should strongly consider the vaccine’


MOODY: “Now, we have seen a lot of egregious examples where politicians across our country thought they had a lot more power than they actually did, locking people in their homes, keeping them from participating in religious ceremonies and worship. Unacceptable. They did not have the power, courts agreed with that. And now where you have city officials saying they’re going to fire employees if they don’t take a vaccine. It is unlawful, it is directly contradicting Florida law. Look, I’m the wife of a law enforcement officer, career law enforcement officer. I saw firsthand what these folks did. When Covid first hit, no one was vaccinated. They’re rushing in, trying to help people, putting their lives on the line. It is unconscionable that we would trust these folks to decide and throw themselves in front of a bullet for the safety of other people but we won’t trust them to make a decision for their own safety. Unconscionable.”

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