Ted Cruz Lists 4 ‘Utterly Indefensible’ Joe Biden Decisions Made During Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

‘Number one abandoning the Bagram airfield giving it to the Taliban’


CRUZ: “There were four decisions this administration made that I think were utterly indefensible. Number one, abandoning the Bagram Airfield, giving it to the Taliban. That is a decision that a hundred years from now we’ll be studied at war colleges as a colossal strategic mistake. Giving up two secure airfields necessitating an evacuation from a dense urban environment, a commercial airport which led tragically to the suicide bombings and murders that killed 13 American servicemen and women. Had we been evacuated from Bagram with a secure perimeter, the odds are quite high, that attack either wouldn’t have happened, or if it had happened, it would have been far less severe in its consequences.”

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