Steve Forbes on AOC Wearing ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress: She Forgets Already Top 5% Pay Most of the Income Taxes in This Country

‘Where does one begin when you put graffiti on a very good dress?’


FORBES: “Where does one begin when you put graffiti on a very good dress? And she forgets already, top 1%, top 5% pay most of the income taxes in this country. She says it’s a big event. Well, that event helps provide resources for a great institution. So where does she think those resources come from? So, she just did it as a publicity stunt. And I think somebody should ask her, you want the Met? Where is the Met going to get those resources? Where do people get resources? How do people have a higher standard of living? They have a higher standard of living when people are investing more, so you get more productivity, more opportunity to move ahead.”

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