David Corn on Trump: 10-30% of the GOP Base ‘Want the Hatred; They Want the Anger’

‘I think anywhere from 10 to 25, maybe 30 percent of the Republican primary base are people who want someone who is angry and is outraged as they feel’

MATTHEWS: “Robert Costa`s national political reporter for The Washington Post. David Corn is the Washington bureau chief for Mother Jones. And Eugene Robinson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist with The Washington Post, who yesterday appeared finally on ‘Meet the Press.’ (Laughter) Look finally, and finally. Thank you. Let me -- let me -- let me tell you why I think Trump is going to get paid in on this in Iowa. Everybody else uses the politically appropriate term of ‘undocumented workers,’ doesn`t even say immigrants. If you`re saying ‘undocumented workers,’ you`re not going to try to get those people out of the country. You`ve already accepted them, it`s just a different kind of word. They left 
their driver`s license at home. It`s just a question of getting the right paperwork in their hands. That immediately conveys the idea you`re not serious about illegal immigration. He, on the other hand, says, `I`m talking about illegal immigrants.’ Now, he`s crazy when he talks about the president, and that establishes to me -- I don`t know why he does anything he does in public life because you say 
things like that, you can`t be taken seriously. But on the issue of immigration and the voter, I think the voter here is, ‘This guy means it!’ David --“

CORN: “Well –“

MATTHEWS: “He`s not one of these guys jockeying how to keep the Hispanic groups happy, how to keep the Catholic church happy, how to keep the farmers happy. I just want to say the truth. He sounds like truth.”

CORN: “Well, and his policy proposals, which he put out today -- the particulars don`t even matter that much. I think anywhere from 10 to 25, maybe even 30 percent of the Republican primary base are people who want someone who is angry and as outraged as they feel. They don`t like pressing one for English, two for Spanish, and they want someone who`s just going to be like your uncle who says, This is what I believe, and the particulars don`t matter. They want –“

MATTHEWS: “By the way –“ [Crosstalk]

CORN: “-- the hatred!”

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