Krauthammer: ‘The Clintons Are Obsessed with Control and Secrecy’

‘Here they are in a position when the server is no longer in their control’

O'REILLY: “Continue now with our lead story: the current political situation. Joining us from Washington Charles Krauthammer. Let's talk first about Hillary Clinton. Do you see danger for her campaign with the FBI getting involved with the e-mail deal?”

KRAUTHAMMER: “Absolutely. She sees it, Biden sees it everyone sees it a lot of Democrats who know that they are latched to the Clinton mast are terrified. And the reason is this: it is totally out of their hands. The Clintons are obsessed with control and with secrecy -- that's the whole reason. She started the e-mail thing in the first place. After all, she wasn't covering anything up in the beginning. She hadn't done anything at the beginning. She wasn't even secretary of state. But they wanted control. Now here they are in a position where the server is no longer in their control. Remember, how she said in March at the U.N. that the server was his -- was hers and was going to remain hers and she had already deleted stuff and that was it? Well, it's not it. And the question is what will the FBI find? But the bigger question is what will the FBI be allowed to do? I don't know that there is ever going to be a cover-up ordered from on high. The question is how interested is Barack Obama in seeing a full investigation by the FBI? How enthusiastic and how speedy will they be in looking into this? I suspect because of the scrutiny they will not be able to do what they did in the IRS scandal, which is to bury it. This is going to be a lot harder to do.”

O'REILLY: “Yes.”

KRAUTHAMMER: “Also because of the congressional investigation and because the media is now on the trail as well.”

O'REILLY: “All right. Now, I'm going to tell you how I think this is going to play out and you tell me if I'm wrong, ok. This is how I think it's going to play out. I don't think Barack Obama likes the Clintons. Even though he is playing golf up in Martha's Vineyard with Bill this week I don't think he has got a lot of use for them. So I don't think is he is going to put any political currency in telling Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, what not to do in this investigation because that will leak out. Number two, if the FBI finds out that that server that Mrs. Clinton used was professionally scrubbed, which I believe it was -- I don't believe she went in with her little thumbs and deleted 30,000 any things. If they find out it was scrubbed and they will find that out very quickly, that's obstruction of justice. Ok? That's what that is and that's a felony. Now, you may be right, the FBI may try to dance and this and that but then the Congress comes in with congressional hearings and subpoenas Comey -- ok. So that's how it's going to go down. Am I wrong?”

KRAUTHAMMER: “I think you are right. I mean occasionally you do stumble on the truth and I have to acknowledge that. Look, I think you are right. There is never going to be Obama giving an order go easy on Hillary. And I agree with you he may not have an interest in seeing that. On the other hand he doesn't have to do that. All he has to do is to make a statement that in some way goes easy on her the way he has made statements about the IRS and other scandals. And it will be understood. But, nonetheless, I think there is too much going on here that the FBI is going to have a lot of trouble covering it up.”

O'REILLY: “And I don't think they will.”

KRAUTHAMMER: “And I do think that Trey Gowdy is the key.”

O'REILLY: “He is the guy.”

KRAUTHAMMER: “Remember, she has already said she turned over everything work-related and it turned out that Gowdy received 15 e-mails separately from Blumenthal that she had not turned over meaning she has been exposed as telling a major untruth from the very beginning. And I think that's going to be his role.”

O'REILLY: “But she forgot, Charles. She forgot. She forget.”

KRAUTHAMMER: “Well, also. You know -- they'll try to get away with whatever they can.”

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