Susan del Percio: Republicans Will Remove the Filibuster the Moment They Get Power Back

‘The Republicans will do it the moment they get power back’


DEL PERSIO: “They will, unless there is something else. We don’t know what happens behind the scenes. I think it is possible that maybe they go for 2.5, $2.8 trillion, and Joe marchin allows a carveout for voting rights. There’s a lot at lay. There’s a lot of moving parts. Frankly, this is where President Biden excels, in moving those pieces around the board. So I do think that there is — there is something to be said, that there will be some kind of compromise where everyone can live with it. Let’s not forgot that right now Joe Biden needs a win. That’s what the administration is going to be focused on. I don’t think the Democrats will allow everything to fall apart and offer nothing. At the last effort, when it comes to his domestic policy, Joe Biden may also have to come in and say, you know, it is time to get rid of the filibuster. Frankly, Yasmin, the Republicans will do it the moment they get power back. As a result, I think it says no one says oh, I am not voting.”

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