The Chris Salcedo Show Preamble: ‘Socialist-Democrats Abandon Americans and American Values’

‘We now know that Joe Biden has created the largest American hostage situation in American history’


SALCEDO: “Meanwhile, back here at home, the left-wing press and the Democrat socialist party is desperate to abandon our people and change the subject to an issue they believe benefits them: the slaughter of children in the womb. Socialist democrats abandon Americans and American values. That’s the truth we put out in tonight's preamble. The left-wing rag 'The Atlantic' had a curious headline over the weekend: 'The strange, sudden silence of conservative abortion foes. Why has the right fallen so quiet about Texas's new abortion law?' Folks, I think I’m safe in saying that David Graham, the author, doesn’t have many legitimate conservatives in his little circle. His justification for having made such a sweeping statement seems to be his attention to one personality on one TV network. But 'The Chris Salcedo Show' and many others on Newsmax have been very pleased and effusive in our praise of the Texas law, a law that seeks to protect the most vulnerable and helpless among us, young human beings in the womb. And in the coming days, we will continue to support and voice our support, but I think this audience needs to know why the American left is suddenly consumed with a Texas law that prevents killing a human being in the womb after a heartbeat is detected. 'Don’t underestimate Joe's ability to F things up,' those words credited to Barack Hussein Obama are the reason why the left-wing press, the DNC and the socialists in government are pivoting so hard to one state out of 50 that is protecting their babies from socialist Democrats.”

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