Kayleigh McEnany: Afghan Withdrawal Showed How Much of a ‘Buffoon’ Biden Is

‘We elected a president from a basement’


MCENANY: “Look, it doesn’t surprise me because we elected a president from a basement. He was not tested. The only challenge he had was on that debate stage where President Trump absolutely trounced him in that final debate. But we elected someone without any real scrutiny who had, by the way, a horrible record in foreign policy. We’ve all heard the gates’ quote about him being wrong on every major foreign policy decision. So all of a sudden, a few months, eight months in, people realize, oh, wait, inflation’s coming. A 39% approval rating on the economy. Oh, wait, Covid. He wasn’t prepared for that either, all of a sudden his poll numbers tanking there. Crime, immigration, you name it. And then the Afghanistan withdrawal which I think just crystallized in everyone’s mind how incompetent, how much of a baffoon this president actually is.”

(via Fox News)

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