Rubio on Abortion Restrictions: ‘I Believe a Human Being Is Entitled to Life’

‘ – Irrespective of the circumstances in which that human being was conceived in’


BECK: “You were on CNN, and you said some of the most remarkable thing I think, I’ve heard any politician say on Planned Parenthood and on abortion. You took him on, and I think sliced him to ribbons, but you made the point that even in cases of rape and incest abortion is murder and it should be abolished.”

RUBIO: "Look, a human being in my view -- this is how I deeply feel, it’s not political or abortion debate -- I believe a human being is entitled to life, irrespective of the circumstances in which that human being was conceived and so forth. And in order to be ideologically consistent, I hold that position that you’ve just outlined. Now I recognize that other people don't hold that view and in order to save lives in this country, I have supported bills in the past that had to have exceptions in them, and I know a lot of people who are pro-life but support exceptions because they feel it goes too far. … I personally feel very, very strongly that every human life is entitled to the protection of our laws. If we as a society start deciding which lives we're going to protect and which lives we're not, we've put ourselves on a very slippery, dangerous slope. I actually think in a hundred years or so, or less, future generations are going to look back at this time in history and say that it's really unbelievable that so many unborn human beings, their lives were ended simply because they didn't have a birth certificate, couldn't hire a lawyer, didn't vote, or we couldn't see them yet…"

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