NY Gov. Hochul: Storm Ida Needs To Be Considered the Normal Course of Business Due to Climate Change

‘We should have evacuation plans that every single homeowner knows about’


HOCHUL: "I have been to so many catastrophic flooding events, from Lake Ontario to Long Island, to now to the city. So, no, this is not unusual any more. Anyone who says it's once in a century, once in 500 years, I’m not buying it. This has to be considered the normal course of business. So we need to take steps to repair. We should have evacuation plans that every single homeowner knows about. What you do to do when the water starts rising. Is our communication system adequate to let people in homes and on subways that this is dangerous? Alerts going out on people’s cell phones. How do we communicate and are we doing a good enough job? Because I'm not going to be standing here and guarantee it won’t happen again tomorrow. I don't know that. But I know we need to do much more in our resiliency, addressing climate change.” 

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