Guy Benson: The Trump Campaign ‘a Giant Middle Finger to D.C. Insiders’

‘For Washington insiders to look at the momentum he has to say he has no chance of winning either of these states he’s leading: premature’

DOOCY: “Businessman Donald Trump still leading the pack in the most recent Fox News poll but according to Politico's bipartisan survey of political insiders in Washington, they say he's not going to be able to win the early states. As one New Hampshire republican puts it, ‘Trump is generating a lot of controversy but he is not taken seriously as a potential president… I have heard from many people who say ‘I love him! Love what he's saying!’ But when I asked if they would really vote for him, they say ‘hell no’.’

KILMEADE: “So is Trump's big lead smoke and mirrors. Joining us right now, Politico Editor for and Fox News contributor Guy Benson. Hey Guy, you are not a believer?”

BENSON: “Look, I think if you are in the Trump campaign, you look at that article, you read all the quotes from these insiders and you say, hey, guys, scoreboard, we're winning, we're winning big. So I think it's a little silly to be completely writing off the guy's chances. He’s leading by double digits.”

DOOCY: “Sure, besides we're talking about Washington insiders. I mean, if you look at the top polls, Guy, these are people who are Washington outsiders who are really capturing things, you know, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Donald Trump.”

KILMEADE: “And even Ted Cruz is a bit of an out liar too.”

DOOCY: “So you know, insiders versus outsiders, right now, the outsider are winning.”

BENSON: “Yes, right. You could argue that the Trump campaign is just a giant middle finger to D.C. insiders. Of course, they are going to say this type of stuff. I think there is some truth though to some of this analysis. In order to win in politics, there are certain laws of political gravity that take hold for anyone, including Donald Trump. You need to have a ground game. One of the things that Trump is going to count on is bringing in from his celebrity some of that appeal. People who are not necessarily engaged voters all the time. You have to make sure those people show up to the polls and vote for you. That requires blocking and tackling. I’m not sure if his operation has that level of sophistication at this stage.”

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