CNN’s Romans: College Grads Enjoying Surge in High-Paying Jobs

‘We’re at this stage where the kinds of jobs we’re seeing come back are these high-paying jobs’


ROMANS: "Now we have entered a new phase of the recovery. This new report from Georgetown, from the expert on this, it's called good jobs are back, college graduates are first in line. They analyzed all the new jobs since 2010 and found about half of them were high-paying jobs. What am I talking about? Jobs that are $53,000 a year or more. Jobs that tend to have health insurance. Jobs that tend to have a retirement plan, so there are good jobs out there and when they break it down, 2.9 million of them high-paying jobs. These are all the jobs out of the recovery. You can see that old narrative that so many of the jobs were low-income jobs just not holding true. That was true in the first part of the recovery, but recently we've been adding better jobs. Science, technology, engineering, math, managerial roles, health care. These are the kinds of jobs we're seeing really picking up steam right now." 
COSTELLO: "That's awesome." 
ROMANS: "It's good, and when you look at those jobs, Carol, who are these jobs going to? About 80% of them are going to college graduates. So this report saying these millennials, new college graduates kind of weighing in on is college worth it debate? It is worth it. We're finding it is worth it. The recovery has been too slow and that's what this report also finds from Georgetown, the recovery has been too slow. It's been kind of an abysmal post really depression recovery, but now we're at this stage where the kinds of jobs we're seeing come back are these high-paying jobs." 
COSTELLO: "It's interesting to see how it will affect the presidential election, right?" 
ROMANS: "Yes, absolutely."

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