Tucker Slams Lindsey Graham’s 20-Year Support of Afghan War: The Beauty of Videotape Is That It Lives Forever

‘So now is a moment to ask, really, Lindsey Graham, what was the game plan?’


CARLSON: "So the beauty of videotape is it lives forever. That was ten years ago. Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Lindsey Graham described them all as little laboratories to test his theories. All of those places still exist, they’re still countries. The question is, how are they now? Has any one of those countries been improved by Lindsey Graham’s game plan? That’s a good question, you have to ask the people who live in those countries, many of whom have since fled as refugees to Germany and Sacramento, California. Lindsey Graham himself has not weighed in on the results of his game plan. He doesn’t like to look backward. Reflection suggests accountability, and if there’s one thing Lindsey Graham is strongly opposed to, it’s that. Instead, by this spring, Lindsey Graham had dropped the talk of winning the war against terrorism or bringing democracy to the great unwashed. Those were yesterday’s goals. The new justification for keeping troops in Afghanistan was the fight for global feminism. We've sent Marines to Kabul to tear down the patriarchy, Lindsey Graham told us. Keep in mind that Lindsey Graham said this with a straight face right into the camera."

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