Michael Moore: We Are Blessed to Have Joe Biden in the White House; He Didn’t Walk Back on Afghan Withdrawal

‘I think that we need to learn our lessons from the past’


MOORE: "I think that I’m so proud of President Biden, who I did not vote for in the Michigan primary, I voted for and I worked for Bernie Sanders. And I have been completely surprised and feeling that we are all blessed to have Joe Biden in the White House in these last months, his first year in office, all of the things that he’s done. Not just in standing bravely and never walking it back like a politician and especially a Democratic politician would. They would get afraid of the Republicans and the right wing telling them that they were — he was a coward and withdrawing from Afghanistan. Democrats have such a history of walking things back like this. He wouldn’t walk it back. He just said, 'No, this is wrong. I promised you when I ran for office, I’m pulling those troops out. This war is going on way to long.' And that is exactly what he did. A politician kept his word.”

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