CNN’s Berman on Americans, Afghan Allies Left in Afghanistan: ‘A Broken Promise from Pres. Biden’

‘He said the U.S. would stay to get them out, the U.S. did not stay’


BERMAN: "President Biden will address the nation this afternoon to mark the end of America’s longest war. This photo, which we saw first overnight, shows the very last American service member to leave Afghanistan. In all, 123,000 people were taken out of the country, 123,000 in about two and a half weeks. An unprecedented evacuation mission. But as many as 200 Americans remain in the country, and that represents a broken promise from President Biden. He said the U.S. would stay to get them out. The U.S. did not stay. There are thousands of Afghan allies in the country still as well. This morning, the Taliban is celebrating the U.S. withdrawal. We have this new video which shows Taliban fighters exploring a hangar at the Kabul airport. The head of U.S. Central Command says some military equipment was removed from Afghanistan, other items disabled."

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