Tucker: Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Is Claiming He’s the Real Victim

‘I don’t think we execute unarmed protesters, do we?’


CARLSON: “Now we know the officer’s name, not because the authority is released it, but because he felt like revealing himself. And he did with this and pathetic friends at NBC news. His name is Michael. If that name rings a bell, you may have read it in the paper because it’s the same Michael Burke the capitol police officer who left his loaded Glock 22, loaded with no safety, in the men’s room in the capitol building in 2019. If you handle firearms for a living, you know there’s no greater sin than that, to leave it in a men’s room and not report it? But he wasn’t punished. Reportedly told his fellow officers at the time that he would not be punished. He was right. He said he would be “Treated differently” because of his rank, he was a lieutenant buried in his interview with NBC news, that same Michael Byrd explained why he shot and killed Ashley Babbitt.”

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