Cuomo: The New ‘ISIS K’ Is Coming for Americans in Afghanistan

‘A lot of the Taliban, a lot of the bad guys are not even from Afghanistan.’


CUOMO: “Look, terrorists are coming for the people that America is trying to get out. Right now. Not just Taliban hunting women and friendlies. This threat is the new ISIS, ISIS K. K stands for a province they come from, Khorasan, up on the Pakistan border. Remember, a lot of the Taliban, a lot of these bad guys are not even from Afghanistan. Listen, what does this mean about when America will get the Americans out? Because now, is this threat going to delay? Are we going back to this August 31 B.S.? Is that going to become a hard out again? Look, that was a media and political party trap. It was a gotcha. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? What are you going to do? And the Biden administration did not deal with it well and they just got on message that they’re going to complete the job no matter what. Will this spook them into having to make a quick exit? They were finally getting that they can’t leave until you get all Americans and allies out.”

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