Democratic-Led House Authorizes $3.5 Trillion of Spending as National Debt Climbs to $29 Trillion

‘The resolution is adopted’

(Via Just the News)

The Democratic-led House on Tuesday authorized $3.5 trillion of spending in a party-line vote, as national debt climbs to $29 trillion.

The final vote was 220-212. Of the members voting, 96 lawmakers submitted proxy letters to allow them to cast their votes remotely under a system the House adopted at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Using budget reconciliation allowed Democrats to bypass the filibuster in the Senate and push through the $3.5 trillion resolution without votes from Republicans in the 50-50 Senate. Democrats adopted the same strategy to pass the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, which was the second largest stimulus bill in U.S. history.

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