Fallon: FDA Just Approved the Covid Vaccine, Which Isn’t to Be Confused with the Fake FDA, the Facebook Doctor’s Association

‘Although, if it didn’t get approved, I’m not really sure what the options were’

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FALLON: “Here’s some good news. Today the FDA granted full approval to Pfizer’s Covid vaccine. It’s about time. Their statement started with, “Hey, sorry, I just saw this." Yeah, it was approved by the real FDA, the Food and Drug Administration which is not to be confused with the fake FDA, the Facebook Doctor’s Association. This is great news, although, if it didn’t get approved, I’m not really sure what the options were. Pfizer store credit? It must be weird working at the FDA. One day you’re approving a life saving vaccine, the next you’re approving new S’mores flavored Oreos.”

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