Trump: Mitch McConnell Should Be Ashamed, He Is a Stupid Man

‘Mitch McConnell made a horrible miscalculation with 19 people on that plan’


TRUMP: "And he got 19 people, including himself, to vote and to give them a victory. They didn’t have a victory in a long time. They were dying. They're dying at the border, they're dying in Afghanistan, they are dying all over the place, the Democrats. And he wanted to give them a victory. Why he wanted to give them a victory? I don’t know, but he gave them a bad deal. Only 11% goes to infrastructure. It's not an infrastructure plan, it's a Green New Deal plan. And because they signed that, it's going to be easy to get the real beauty, the one they really want, the $3.5 trillion, it's going to be much easier to get that because they signed this deal. And Mitch McConnell should be ashamed of himself. He is a stupid man, and I've said it for a long time. They gave Biden victory. He hasn’t had a victory. People can’t believe it. And it was reported, 'Great victory for the Democrats.' Mitch McConnell should be overthrown and — and overthrown fast, because these senators, he is leading them down a bad path.”

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