Mayor of San Antonio on Mask Mandate: Parents Finally Felt Safe Sending Their Kids to School

‘Children do not have a choice’


NIRENBERG: “I have been overwhelmed, and so have my colleagues, by messages, by calls, by visits from parents in tears after we had the court ruling granting our temporary restraining order which then allowed us to put in the mask mandate. In tears because they finally felt safe sending their children to school. I had someone tell me yesterday that their 7-year-old daughter cried because when she heard the ruling, she felt like finally somebody was caring about them and their health. So the overwhelming majority of response has been approval for mask mandates simply because of this: Children do not have the choice. We have tens of thousands of public school children and their families depending on our public school system. If you are in a public school, you have a responsibility to the public health and we should be guided in those decisions by the public health authorities. That’s what this is about. We are not infringing on anyone’s rights or choices, but if you’re going to choose to be in a public school, you have responsibility to the public around you. And that includes many of those 12-and-under, the children, the teachers, the parents, the community around those schools that deserve to be protected and safe from an infectious disease not by decisions made by politicians but by public health officials.”

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