Rep. Gowdy: State Dept.’s Review Board ‘Didn’t Even Bother to Interview’ Hillary

‘It was only when our committee began to ask the state Department for her e-mails that she said ... “Gosh, I really need to get rid of this stuff”‘


MITCHELL: "First of all, what are your concerns about Hillary Clinton's e-mails now that she has agreed to turn the server over to the FBI?" 
GOWDY: "Well, my primary concern is as a member of the Benghazi committee is whether or not the public record is complete. That was always my concern. Whenever you self-select documents and your open attorney determines what's public record and what's private, I have a concern about the wholeness or completeness of the public record. Secondarily, it's very important, it's just not primary to the jurisdiction of our committee would be the integrity of her server and whether or not classified information was passed in a way that could potentially compromise it. But that's something that the FBI and the intelligence committees and the department of justice are much better equipped to look into than our committee." 
MITCHELL: "Have you been able to talk to the FBI, the Justice Department, about whether they can restore what has been deleted from that server? Do they have the technical ability now to try to restore the missing e-mails?" 
GOWDY: "I have not, Andrea. I was a prosecutor in a former life, and I know that they should not and cannot talk to me about any ongoing investigation, so I want to save the awkwardness of asking. I do think it's important, you use the word "Delete." I think it's important, you and I probably both delete e-mails all the time but we don't go through the extra steps of wiping something clean. Deleting it because you just find it too cumbersome or burdensome to carry it in your inbox is one thing. Taking affirmative steps to actually wipe a server clean denotes or can denote a desire or a willingness or an intention to conceal far beyond simply just deleting something." 
MITCHELL: "What do you think happened in this case? Do you have any understanding as to whether the server was wiped clean?" 
GOWDY: "Well, I just know what her attorney said, which is it wouldn't matter if we had the server or not. So the bureau is really good at reconstructing things. There are folks in the past who have thought that they have deleted or wiped things clean and the forensic computer experts are able to reconstruct it. I find it interesting, however, that it was 20 months after she separated from the State Department when she decided to wipe the server clean or delete. So for 20 months those e-mails were neither too burdensome nor too cumbersome. It was only when our committee began to ask the state Department for her e-mails that she said, you know what, it's been 20 months. Gosh, I really need to get rid of this stuff. I just don't think that passes the laugh test, but I haven't had a chance to ask her about it either." 
MITCHELL: "What do you say to those in her corner who say she's answered all these questions about Benghazi and that this is a politically motivated witch hunt?" 
GOWDY: "Well, I have about six pages of questions that are exclusively related to Benghazi. There's not a single e-mail question on my first six pages of questions for secretary Clinton, so I don't know how she or any of her acolytes could possibly say that. She wasn't interviewed by the arb. She appeared before one house committee and one Senate committee and you and I have followed Congress enough tow." 
MITCHELL: "The ARB being the state Department review board. I'm just making that clear." 
GOWDY: "That's right. And they didn't even bother to interview her. Then you had the house and the Senate where she made a single appearance. But you have five minutes and, frankly, they're not the best questioners in the world. So I don't think it's asking too much that she do what she says she's going to do, which is come before Congress and answer all the questions that we have with respect to the security profile, the pendency of the attacks and the administration response in the aftermath. Ultimately it will be you and our fellow citizens to judge whether our questions are fair and appropriate or whether or not they're duplicative of other questions that have been asked and answered."

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