Yahoo’s Knox: ‘Nothing that Keeps Cyber Security in the News’ Is Helpful to Hillary

‘Nothing that keeps cyber security in the news as a major issue is helpful to Hillary Clinton right now’

KING: “One of the big questions is what’s on the server, because she says it was wiped. Sometimes you can recover things, sometimes you can’t. Depends on the level of wiping was involved. As we get into this where this goes next, how much does this help or hurt? Secretary of State John Kerry, in an interview with CBS yesterday, says when he writes e-mails now, he assumes the Russians and Chinese are going to read them.”

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KERRY: “We are deeply involved in fighting back against this on a daily basis. Right now, it's pretty much the Wild West, so to speak.”

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KING: “This is the Republican argument. If you know it's the Wild West and you know people are trying to read it, why did you have a private e-mail server with no government supervision, with no -- maybe it's actually more secure than the government. But, why is it that the government’s at least not watching this, to see if people trying to attack it?”

KNOX: “You have nothing to keep cyber security in the news as a major issue is helpful to Hillary Clinton right now, because of all those questions. When John Kerry comes out and says that and gets a headline for it, there are downstream effects. And people say, wait a second, if we can't keep the State Department server secure, if we can't keep the Pentagon server secure, this massive, Office of Personnel Management hack, will then -- doesn't that raise even more questions about this personal server.”

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