Joy Reid and Stephen Colbert Suggest that Trump Supporters Are in a ‘Jim Jones’ Era ‘Death Cult’ Because of Vaccine Skepticism

‘A cult is when you are being asked to die for your savior’


REID: "I don’t understand. I mean, the Trump following is in many ways fundamentally a cult. It’s a cult in every sense. And now it appears to be a sort of Jim Jones era cult."
COLBERT: "A death cult."
REID: "A death cult."
COLBERT: "Yeah. That’s ultimately where it ends. If the leader doesn't care whether you live or die, that's a death cult."
REID: "I mean, the reality is — I don’t know if I said this to you before, but I’ve said it before. A religion is when your savior dies for you. A cult is when you’re being asked to die for your savior. And unfortunately, that is where we are with the Republican Party. It’s bizarre — my father leaned Republican. This isn’t because I dislike Republicans I’m saying it. There’s something wrong and there’s something broken in the party."

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