Sen. Murphy on Infrastructure Bill: ‘We’re Not Going on Any August Recess Until All of This Is Done’

‘This weekend I hope we’ll be able to wrap up a vote on the $500 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill’


MURPHY: “So President Biden has two priorities, both of which I share. He wants to pass economic relief that’s big enough to actually transfer and shift the balance of economic power in this country away from corporations and billionaires to regular average middle class families, but he also wants to do as much of that with Republican votes as possible. So that's what we’re doing, we're passing a $500 billion bill with Republicans, and then we're going to pass a bill that will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 trillion, likely just with Democrats. All of it will be wildly popular. It will be investment in concrete infrastructure, roads and rails, it will be investment in people, help for families to afford child care, improvements to Medicare. I’m comfortable with the size of the overall package which looks to be about $4 trillion, about the same size as the Republican tax cut for the wealthy passed in 2017, and my hope is that we’ll get the first part of this done this week or this weekend. We’re going to stay in Washington for as long as it takes. We’re not going on any August recess until all of this is done. But this weekend I hope we’ll be able to wrap up a vote on the $500 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill. It will be the biggest one-time investment in American infrastructure in the history of this country.”

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