Trump: Politicians Are ‘Stiffs’ You ‘Will Not Hire’

‘These stiffs, these politicians, they’re stiffs’


 "You know, Jeb Bush, one of my opponents, he's gone to my friends, many of my friends, and he's raised $114 million. But just remember one thing. They'll make commercials. They'll build him up like he's wonderful. Remember coming in as an illegal is an act of love, remember that line? An act of love. Tell that to some of the families that it was an act of love. Tell them to some of the families that are devastated that that was an act of love. She'll make a great first lady. She's got a great heart. She cares more about those women issues that bush doesn't care about. She cares more about that. You know, he was so nice to me at the debate. By the way, they say I won the debate. Polls came out and said I won. And boy, did I have nasty questions. I stood up there and said I don't believe some of those questions. Rosie o'donnell saved me. This is one time she saved me. I never thought I would be giving credit to Rosie but in this case she was great. These stiffs, these politicians, they're stiffs. You know what a stiff is? A stiff is a person -- I see wealthy people in the front row. A stiff is a person you will not hire. That's what a stiff is."

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