Tom Homan: ICE Can No Longer Arrest Someone Who’s Here Illegally, Biden Has Made Illegal Immigration No Longer Illegal

‘ICE can no longer enforce the law’


HOMAN: "Okay, Border Patrol's main function is the protection of the border. They are assigned to the border to stop illegal flow of drugs, people and contraband. ICE is the interior enforcement, immigration enforcement agency. So, for those who get by the Border Patrol, then it becomes ICE responsibility to seek them out and to remove them. But under this administration, ICE can no longer seek out just an illegal alien. Even though it's a violation of the federal law, even though it's a crime to enter the country illegally, ICE can no longer arrest somebody for being in the country illegally. You have to be convicted of a serious aggravated felony, convicted. So the Biden administration has made illegal immigration no longer illegal, and ICE can no longer enforce the law."

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