Dr. Megan Ranney: ‘We Are Never Going Back to a Pre-Pandemic Reality’

‘Here is the thing, first, the vaccines continue to protect you against hospitalization and death’


RANNEY: "We are never going to go back to a pre-pandemic reality. And I do agree that we do have to become comfortable with the fact that this virus is going to be sticking around. Our goal is to decrease severe illness, hospitalization and death. But there are still some things we don’t really know. We don’t know how much this novel variant, the Delta variant affects children. It is our responsibility to keep them safe until they can get vaccinated. And it's our responsibility to stop these surges while there are still so many who are unvaccinated. Listen, there are 200 hospital workers in San Francisco who have gotten sick over the last couple of weeks because of exposure, largely to unvaccinated people who caught Delta, who then got the vaccinated sick. That’s not fair. So, yes, we have to learn to live with this, but today is not the moment where we drop our precautions. When we get all of our kids vaccinated, when we know a little more about the long-term effects of the breakthroughs, then that’s the point in which this becomes yet another virus that's part of our day-to-day life."

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