Fox News: First Airlift of Afghan Interpreters Arrive in U.S.

‘More than 200 Afghan interpreters finally arriving in Virginia yesterday’


HEGSETH: “Welcome back, more than 200 afghan interpreters finally arriving in Virginia yesterday as part of the long awaited operation allies refuge. They are just the first of some 20,000 afghans whose visa applications are waiting to be processed as the U.S. troop withdrawal nears completion and the taliban continues to tighten its grip on the country. Our next guest served alongside those brave allies and been a strong al vo cat for them ever since. Daniel elkins is the founder of the special operations association of America and he joins me now. Daniel, thank you so much for being here for your service, you served alongside these men. These interpreters. Translators, their families in Afghanistan. 200 arrived, which is good. But are we doing enough and we are running against the clock here.”

(via Fox News)

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