IT Professor Questions Security of Hillary’s Private E-mail Server: ‘Not the Best Choice’

‘Dr. Edgar Maldonado says there are questions about what security protocols were in place’

UNKNOWN MALE: “A Colorado company is now a part of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail system. The FBI is looking into the security of the server she used while she was secretary of state. Here is our Rick Sallinger with story.”

[clip starts]

SALLINGER (voice-over): “It was last week when FBI agents visited Platte River Networks which was involved in handling of the Clinton e-mail accounts. Sources related to that visit tell us the company has been asked to preserve any information related to the e-mails involving Bill and Hillary Clinton. The company’s website lists awards including for being among the best Colorado businesses and places to work. But Metro State [University] Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems Dr. Edgar Maldonado says there are questions about what security protocols were in place.”

MALDONADO: “Given that, how secure was her e-mail, I would say that it was not the best choice.”

SALLINGER (voice-over): “The FBI would not comment on its contact with the Platte River Networks.”

SALLINGER (on screen): “The Inspector General for the intelligence community had been looking into the Clinton e-mails. It then made a referral to the Justice Department which led to the FBI visit.”

SALLINGER (voice-over): “One issue is whether [Platte River Networks] company could have backup copies of the Clinton e-mails that were deleted. Classified information has reportedly been found on the private server in her home.”

CLINTON: “I did not email any classified material.”

SALLINGER (voice-over): “We sought a comment from Platte River, but the company indicated it would have nothing to say. At this point the FBI is in the information gathering stage.”

[clip ends]

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