Huckabee: Trump Doesn’t Need Me To Get on TV

‘I’ll focus on Mike Huckabee and my issues and that’s what I’m going to do’

TAPPER: “So, Governor, when you heard Donald Trump makes those comments about Megyn Kelly on Friday night, did you think he was referring to her nose and her ears? Or did you think this was, as many of your fellow conservative interpreted it, a sexist attack?”
HUCKABEE: “I simply didn't know. I knew that I would probably be asked to comment on Donald Trump all day. Sure enough I was. And sure enough, I mostly just said, look, Donald Trump doesn't need me to help him get on television and get publicity. I will focus on what Mike Huckabee stands for and my issues. And that's what I have continued to do.” 
TAPPER: “How do you respond to people who say, boy, it really seems like Republicans are afraid of criticizing Donald Trump, maybe they're afraid of him attacking them, maybe it's because they want his voters? You do seem reluctant to criticize him.” 
HUCKABEE: “It's not that. I don't criticize any of the other candidates. I have got a job to do. If I were still a pundit over at FOX News, as I was for six-and- a-half years, I would weigh in on this all day long, but, you know, what I have to focus on is why I'm running for president. After being a governor 10.5 years, a lieutenant governor for three, I have got lots to talk about. And, frankly, if I had a dollar every time somebody mentioned Donald Trump to me, I would have the best funded campaign in the entire Republican field right now.” 
TAPPER: “You would be the next Donald Trump.” 

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