Colbert: Steve Scalise Talks About the Vaccines Like Someone Who Just Discovered ‘Bridgerton’

‘We know, we all got it months ago’


COLBERT: “Yeah, Steve. We know. We all got it months ago. Steve Scalise is like the guy who just now found out about “Bridgerton.” “It’s like Jane Austen, but with high, tight man butt! That Shonda Rimes has got a real future.” But Scalise seems to want it both ways, because he then criticized public health outreach, saying “You’re seeing some people try to bully people into doing things instead of just encouraging them.” Okay. Good point. Invite people in, don’t call them out. So tonight, we at “The Late Show” have updated our prize for any unvaccinated Americans who get the shot. You will now win a lifetime supply of life, and time, and a dream date with Harrison Ford... Fan... My stage manager, Mark McKenna!”

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