Charlie Kirk: CNN Sent Me an Accidental Email that Seemingly Push for Punishment for the Unvaccinated

‘Are they reporting on the news or the actually trying to subsidize or incentivize human beings towards a certain outcome?’


KIRK: "Well I think this is one of the few mistakes that CNN has made that's actually really helpful. Is it CNN’s stated position now that they are going to try to administer medicine under the threat of punishment? You know, the analogy 'carrot vs. stick' is used usually when talking about incentives. What is the best way to compel human beings to get to a desired objective? And is it CNN’s position now that if someone decides to refuse to get the vaccine, like I have, that I’m going to come under some sort of punishment? What does that mean? What does the stick look like in CNN’s world? Are they reporting on the news or are they trying to actually — trying to subsidize or incentivize human beings towards a certain outcome? Are they trying to go after stories that are actually going to hold powerful people accountable? And Tucker, I think this is an interesting question: How would that internal email read any differently if it wasn’t sent by an executive from Moderna or Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca? Is there any difference at all? If you just said, 'Hey, would you think sent this email? Someone from the CNN Washington bureau chief or an executive of a pharmaceutical company?' Those are things worth asking."

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