Tucker: Pelosi Is Covering up Events on Jan. 6th, Banned Jordan and Banks So They Couldn’t Ask Questions

‘The sergeant at arms reports directly to Nancy Pelosi’


CARLSON: “And yet, it turns out that Nancy Pelosi has no intention of reviewing everything she knows about January 6th. So she has turned that committee into yet another instrument of cover-up. Today, Pelosi banned two Republican members of Congress from serving on the committee, they are Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana. What did they do wrong? Those two specifically seem most likely to ask questions about January 6th that Pelosi did not want to discuss. They pushed for openness, so she booted them. At a briefing at the Capitol today, Pelosi did not even bother to deny that’s why she did it. Watch this."

[clip starts]
RAJU: "What was about Jordan and Banks in particular? Because Nehls also voted to overturn the election."
PELOSI: "That was not the criteria, as I told you yesterday."
RAJU: "Yeah, what was the criteria?"
PELOSI: "Read my statement."
REPORTER: "Did you talk to those two members, Banks and Jordan?"
[clip ends]

CARLSON: "'Read my statement,' Pelosi commanded. So we did. We read Pelosi's statement. And it offered no explanations for why she banned Banks and Jordan. Once again, we know why she did. Because of all the Republicans on the committee, those two were by far the most likely to press for answers. Even Pelosi's lieutenants are not denying that’s why they were kicked off the committee.” 

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