McEnany: The Covid Vaccine Reduces Your Risk of Transmitting the Virus

‘Even though I was asymptomatic, I went and got the vaccine for a few reasons’


McENANY: "Like Congressman Steve Scalise, I had COVID-19. Even though I was asymptomatic, I went and got the vaccine for a few reasons. Well, first, let me say, as I mentioned yesterday, I saw President Trump oversee this process. He appointed Dr. Stephen Hahn at the FDA, who approved this vaccine. He appointed Robert Redfield at the CDC. I got the vaccine because one, it could keep you from getting a variant. Number two, even if you get a variant, you’re 95 percent less likely to be hospitalized. Our elderly, our most vulnerable — "
FAULKNER: "Scalise says it's higher than that, from what he's seeing in the hospitals."
McENANY: "Higher than that. And even more important than any of that is it reduces your risk of transmitting the virus. So if you have a grandmother or a grandfather or a parent, do it for them, if not for yourself, even if you’re a young person."

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