Biden: Trust Me as a Biden, Foreign Leaders Ask Me, ‘Are You Really Back?’

‘How can I — we believe you, Joe, but will the country ever get it together?’


BIDEN: “And I'll say one last thing, and you're going to — I've had a lot of experience internationally. And I mean, not good or bad, just I have. I chaired the Foreign Relations Committee. I've been deeply involved. I did national security for our last — the administration with Barack. But, folks, the rest of the world's wondering about us. Those of you who travel abroad, not a joke. Not a joke. You ask — you know, when I went to this G7, all the major democracies, I walked in, and I know a lot of them because of my role in the past. And they walk in and I said, 'America's back,' and they go — I'm serious, heads of state — I give you my word as a Biden -- they said, 'Are you really back? I mean, how can I — we believe you, Joe, but will the country ever get it together?'”

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