Pompeo Says Anthony Fauci Is ‘At Best Equivocating, at Worst Lying’

‘They have shown no interest in finding out what happened’


POMPEO: "Look, the Fauci clip you showed me, he was right, not the Fauci clip yesterday when he was talking to Senator Paul. This was NIH funding. It went to the Wuhan laboratory. The Wuhan laboratory was engaged in gain of function research, this much is crystal clear. And since I have left, we had investigation going on trying to document whether — not only whether it came from the laboratory, but also, Brian, importantly, whether there was military involvement in this. Right? This was also a bioweapons laboratory where there was military work taking place. We came in, they shut it down, then they sent it over to the intelligence community. They have shown no interest in finding out what happened and importantly, how we prevent something like this from happening again. I don’t understand how Dr. Fauci can claim that the NIH didn’t provide resources to Wuhan that went for gain of function resources. It sounds to me like he's either equivocating or worse, lying."

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