David Plouffe on January 6: Our Democracy Remains Under Attack

‘We have to find out what happened’

PLOUFFE: "I think they should be as aggressive as they can on process, hear from everybody they think they need to hear from. Not put too much spin on the ball. Ask questions and get the facts out there. I think McCarthy clearly — Claire, you just showed those poll numbers. Very few issues enjoy that much support this is one of them. McCarthy suggesting we forget it, appealing to the MAGA base. I think Anna is right this is going to be clips bouncing around social media, enormous television coverage, print coverage. Just be aggressive about getting the right witnesses. I think there should be few speeches. Just a lot of questions and let the story get more deeply told here. You can’t he is scape the visuals. He seems like a different person there than today. You don’t care about politics. This was a seminal day in American history. Our democracy remains under attack that is one of the significant roots in the soil. So we have to find out what happened. Who is responsible. I think there will be a lot who don’t want their role exposed."

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