Sen. Paul on Fauci: I’ll Assume DoJ Will Act ‘in a Very Partisan Way and Not Pursue It’

‘People have to understand there’s a self-interest in preservation for Dr. Fauci not to be associated with the Wuhan lab’


PAUL: “I assume they’ll act in a very partisan way and they will not pursue this. But the thing is, there are ways the public can also pursue this. If the public wants to get to the bottom of who is right, who is telling the truth, myself or Dr. Fauci, convene a panel of scientists and ask them if what Dr. Shi was doing was gain of function. I think you’ll be shocked that the vast majority of scientists will say yes, it’s gain of function, it meets the NIH definition. Right now Fauci is getting away with this because no one is questioning him. He only goes on left-wing networks that give him easy questions like, 'Ha-ha-ha, isn’t Rand Paul so out there?' That’s the kind of questions he gets. Nobody asks him why isn’t it gain of function research.”

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