Halperin: Bernie Sanders Has ‘Passion and Authenticity’ that Hillary Lacks

‘He is running at the time when a lot of people in the country see a possibility of Clinton/Bush general election’

BRZEZINSKI: “Sanders' campaign continues to draw massive crowds. A reported 15,000 people showed up at his next event on the University of Washington campus. And then last night in Portland, he had the biggest crowd yet according to his campaign. A reported 28,000 people showed up at the Moda Center Arena, the home of the Portland Trail Blazers. Are we missing --” 
SCARBOROUGH: “Let's just stop and take that in. Let's stop and take this in for a second.”
BRZEZINSKI: “He is not a celebrity.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Twenty-eight thousand people, Mark Halperin, in Portland came out to see Bernie Sanders.” 
HALPERIN: “Another benefit of Hillary Clinton getting from Trump's dominating the news. That's a massive crowd that I don't think anyone else in this field could draw. Mr. Trump could not draw 28,000 people anywhere in the country without a lot of effort. These are organic crowds in places that are really excited about his message [and] excited about him.”
SCARBOROUGH: “What’s happening?”
HALPERIN: “He is – he is running at a time when a lot of people in the country see the possibility of a Clinton/Bush General Election as absolutely antithetical to what America stand for and needs now and he's tapping into the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party with passion and authenticity in a way that she's not.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “This is open rebellion.” 


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