Politico’s Daniels: Biden Will Take the Voting Laws Argument on the Road and ‘Fight for Democracy’

‘He’ll make it very clear, it doesn’t matter who you are in the country, you don’t get to pick the winner unless you’re the voter’


DANIELS: “So I talked to some of the activists who work on this issue, and they say, 'This is great. We wanted the President to do this speech and do more speeches.' They want to see him go on the road and basically sell democracy like he sold the infrastructure plans that he has been running through and that are going to go through Congress pretty soon, and I think that is what they’re hoping to see, and I think that’s what we’re going to start seeing, is that President Biden is going to take this on the road and fight for, as one aide put it to me, fight for democracy and make it very clear that it doesn’t matter who you are in this country, you don’t get to pick the winner unless you’re the voter. You don’t get to, after you lose, decide who’s in charge here."

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