Senator Hagerty Blasts Biden’s Global Failures: ‘China Is Laughing All the Way to the Bank’

‘America is hungry for strong leadership’

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HAGERTY: “Well, griff, it’s great to be back with you. We talked a lot about the threats that face our nation and the fact that the Biden administration is opening the door to so many of the adversaries that we had done such a good job under President Trump’s leadership of showing strength and the fortitude of America. What we’re seeing right now are the knee-jerk policies that Biden has used, collapsing our border, kowtowing to the w.h.o. and refunding them, nord stream 2, letting the russians have that pipeline, entering the s.t.a.r.t. deal with the russians, getting nothing in return and, certainly, if you look at what we’ve done with China, killing the keystone xl pipeline, stopping all drilling in the U.S. just as Vladimir Putin and the ayatollahs and president xi is a laughing. Again, funding more terror against our allies in the Middle East and, frankly, the cartels in Mexico are loving the Biden administration policies as well. The flow of illegal fentanyl coming in from China through Mexico across our borders, and, of course, the criminal elements here in America are thriving. That’s who’s enjoying the benefit here.”

(via Fox News)

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